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Technics: Analog Turntables 

Technics Analog Turntables Feature Comparison Chart

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Key Features

SL-1200MK2 SL-1200MK5
Available Colors Silver Silver
Direct Drive Motor 1 x x x
Slip Pad and No-Hinge Dust Cover 2   x x
Custom Brake Speed Control 3   x x
High Torque 4 x x x
Precision Molded 5 x x x
Quartz Locked Continuous Pitch Adjustment/Exclusive Digital Pitch Control 6 x x Digital
Recessed Power Control 7 x x x
Pop-up Stylus Illumination 8 x LED LED
Improved Tone Arm Construction 9     x
Sensitive Low-mass Tonearm x x x
Tonearm Height Adjustment x x x
Operation manual manual manual
Wow and Flutter 0.025% WRMS, ±0.035% peak 0.025% WRMS, ±0.035% peak 0.025% WRMS, ±0.035% peak
Rumble -78dB DIN B -78dB DIN B -78dB DIN B

Technics Turntables Feature Explanations:

1 - Direct Drive Motor
Direct Drive turntables use Technics' original integral roto-platter Direct Drive motor for smooth, non-stop performance and unwavering quartz DD accuracy. This gives DJs the ability to spin records with quick starts, stops, and scratches, for the ultimate mixing experience.
2 - Slip Pad and No-Hinge Dust Cover
A slip pad helps to protect your records from being damaged by the metal plate when they spin. And your player is protected by the no-hinge dust cover, which lets you easily perform freestyle, and then cover up your equipment when it's not in use.
3 - Custom Brake Speed Control
It's simple to set the breaking speed to suit your liking with the SL-1200MK5, SL-1210MK5 and SL-1210M5G. After removing the slip mat, all it takes is a few twists of a screwdriver to go from a slow winding down to an instant halt, or anywhere in between.
4 - High Torque
Technics' motor provides the ability for high torque starts, so your music is sure to start right on the beat.
5 - Precision Molded
A precision molded aluminum diecast cabinet, along with a heavy rubber base material helps to absorb unwanted vibrations.
6 - Quartz Locked Continuous Pitch Adjustment
Total quartz locked continuous pitch adjustment up to ±8%. Equipped with a reset button for flexible DJ mixing and matching pitch to music playback.
7 - Recessed Power Control
Prevents the turntable from being shut off accidentally.
8 - Pop-up Stylus Illumination
Pop-up stylus illumination for use in low light environments such as DJ booth or studio control room. Allows you to view the stylus tip during play.
9 - Improved Tone Arm Construction
The improved tone arm is designed to increase skip resistance. Easy to adjust height settings and a built-in anti-skate adjustment of up to 6g make the SL-1210M5G great for scratching.
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