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Panasonic HC-X900MK 3MOS HD Twin Memory Camcorder

AVCHD 60p Full HD 1920 x 1080
3MOS Camera System
Panasonic HC-X900MK HD SD Memory Card Camcorder
Leica Dicomar Lens Crystal Engine Pro II 32 GB Memory Hybrid OIS Plus

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Panasonic HC-X900MK HD SD Memory Card Camcorder

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Panasonic HC-X900MK

The Panasonic HC-X900MK is a Full High Definition (HD) 3MOS camcorder with 1920 x 1080 resolution. The HC-X900MK camcorder combines 1080/60p recording -- allowing it to capture expressive video without detail loss or Moiré pattern -- with an advanced 3MOS system that produces vivid, true-to-life colors and excels in darkly-lit environments. With the new 3MOS System Pro, the HC-X900M achieves incredibly bright, outstanding video even under dim lighting, thanks to the re-engineering of all the core imaging components: the lens, sensor and engine. The HC-X900MK records both to its 32 GB* built-in memory or to an SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Card and features a Relay Recording mode that automatically switches from the built-in flash memory (once it's full) to the SD card and continues recording. The X900M offers a 29.8mm wide-angle, bright F/1.5 Leica lens and a manual ring for creative flexibility. The 3.5-inch touch-screen LCD allows users to navigate by selecting icons on the display.

When the optional accessory 3D Conversion Lens is attached, the HC-X900MK produces an effect called visual disparity. Right and left images are captured simultaneously by the two lenses, and recorded using the side-by-side method. To play back 3D videos, simply insert an SD Memory Card in the slot of a Panasonic VIERA 3DTV. Or you can use an HDMI mini cable to connect the camcorder to a VIERA 3DTV or another 3D TV that is compatible with the side-by-side method. The HC-X900MK is equipped with Hybrid O.I.S +, an image stabilization system that corrects hand-shake blurring by combining the action of its hybrid optical and electrical image stabilization systems.

* GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes. Usable capacity will be less.

Panasonic HC-X900MK Key Features

Supplied Accessories:
  • VW-VBN130 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery Pack 1250 mAh
  • AC Adaptor with DC Cable
  • AC Cable
  • IR Remote Control
  • Lens Hood
  • Shoe Adaptor
  • AV multi Cable
  • USB Cable
  • CD-ROM: HD Writer AE 4.1
Panasonic HC-X900MK
1920 x 1080 Full-HD Recording
Images recorded by conventional HD camcorders have only 1,440 horizontal pixels, while full-HD camcorders have 1,920. In terms of total pixels, conventional HD camcorders record images with 1.55 million pixels, while those from Panasonic full-HD camcorders have around 2.07 million pixels -- about 30 percent more. The result is a level of detail and resolution that goes beyond anything you've experienced before. And because full-HD recordings contain a vast amount of picture information, they look beautiful not only on high-definition TVs, but on conventional (standard-definition) TVs as well.

HD images contain 6 times as much information as conventional standard-definition images. HDTV has 1,080 horizontal scan lines, standard-definition TV has 480. That translates into much higher resolution and much finer detail. Pictures are so clear and sharp, you can see the textures in an image. Also, HD uses a 16:9 aspect ratio, so the pictures you record have proportions that more closely match the human field of vision. This means that viewing is more natural and comfortable. With HD images on an HDTV, pictures are so clear and sharp that you can see textures. The shift in the industry from SDTV to HDTV is well under way. For shooting once-in-a lifetime scenes that you want to capture in full beauty, an HD camcorder is the best choice.

1080/60p Recording (Full-HD 1920 x 1080, 60 Progressive Recording)
Uses the progressive scanning method to record twice as much image data as the interlace method. Whereas interlacing requires two images to produce a complete picture, the progressive method records a single image as a complete picture. Plus, 60p Progressive Recording produces 60 images per second. This extremely dense image information creates intricate detail and silky smooth motion. Even when subjects move quickly, afterimages are minimized to create more natural images. The progressive method is most effective when shooting detailed designs where moiré patterns tend to occur, or when capturing scenes during sports events where the subjects are intensely moving around. Also, the recorded images are displayed clearly even when they are made into still images, so it is possible to preserve stunning photos when clipping them from videos.
High-Resolution AVCHD Format
AVCHD is a standard developed jointly by Sony and Panasonic for HD digital camcorders. Using highly efficient codec technologies, it records 1080p and 1080i high-definition signals onto media such as 8-cm DVD discs and SD/SDHC Memory Cards. AVCHD allows an HD camcorder to make long-time recordings of high-density video information onto a DVD disc or SD/SDHC Memory Card.
32 GB Built-in IC Memory With Relay Recording Mode
The HC-X900MK is one of Panasonic's twin memory high definition camcorders. A twin memory camcorder can record to its built-in memory or to an optional SDHC/SD Memory Card. The HC-X900MK has 32 GB* built-in memory, allowing for more than 13 hours of 1920 x 1080 HD recording (in HE mode), and features a Relay Recording function.

The Relay Recording mode automatically switches from the built-in flash memory (once it's full) to the SDHC/SD Memory Card and continues recording**. You don't have to worry about missing an important shot while switching media. Later you can combine motion images that are split onto two types of media as a continuous scene in one of two ways. If the SD card has sufficient capacity, it's possible to arrange all of the split data as a single continuous scene on the SD card. If the SD card is not big enough to hold all of the split data, use a DVD burner to create a disc with all the moving pictures as a single continuous scene.

* 1 GB = 1,073,741,824 bytes. Usable capacity will be less.
** The SDHC/SDXC/SD Memory Card must have memory space available that is larger than the data in the built-in memory to be merged.

Panasonic HC-X900MK
Built-in SD / SDHC / SDXC Memory Card Drive
SD memory cards are incredibly versatile, holding vast amounts of information and are about the size of a postage stamp. The SD / SDHC card adds the option to record on removable media to these camcorders and scalability as well. If users do need to keep shooting before downloading a full drive, they can switch to the SD Card and continue recording without interruption.
Advanced 3MOS Camera System Pro
To maximize the beauty of Full-HD 1920 X 1080, 60 progressive recording, Panasonic worked to develop the ideal camera system. The result is the advanced 3MOS System, which combines the 3MOS Sensor, Leica Dicomar Lens, and Crystal Engine PRO. Advances in these three technologies then made it possible to improve the sensitivity of the camcorder's sensors and cut noise in half compared to previous Panasonic models. The results are spectacular. Images shot in bright conditions are even more vibrant and detailed. And in dim lighting, you can capture clear, sharp images without color loss. The HC-X900MK features improved Noise Reduction (NR) technology that lets you record images in dimly lit places with virtually the same crisp colors and lifelike beauty that you get in bright settings. Revolutionary evolution in the core image-creating components -- the lens, sensor and engine -- bring the 3MOS System Pro to an entirely new level of visual expression. This ultimate new beauty, which marks a milestone for the video camera, greatly enhances the joy of shooting.
Advanced 3MOS (3 x 3.05 Megapixels) Sensor with Pixel Shift Technology
The HC-X900MK employs the 3MOS Sensor, with its three-sensor configuration. This provides a resolution of 6.57 million effective motion image pixels (2.19 million x 3). The 3MOS Sensor splits the light information captured by the lens into the three primary colors -- red, green and blue -- and processes each color with its own individual sensor. This reduces light loss compared to the 1MOS sensor, and renders colors, details and gradation all with intricate detail and natural beauty. This superb color reproduction maximizes the inherent quality of Full-HD progressive images. Technology to raise light-gathering efficiency has also improved sensor sensitivity and cut noise. This gives you bright images with minimal noise even in low-light situations. Unlike conventional camcorders, where the colors in shadow areas easily fade, even the finest details come through in vivid color, and noise is reduced by half. The expressive power of the advanced 3MOS Sensor renders both bright and dark scenes with the rich, luscious colors that Full-HD offers.

Pixel Shift Technology has been newly added to the same 3MOS sensor that is used for broadcasting. This technology provides a huge number of effective pixels for moving pictures -- equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD. It renders ultrafine images with excellent color reproduction and superb detail.

Shoot in Lighting as Low as 1 Lux
You can shoot clear shots in lighting as low as 1.6 lx. With the 3MOS Sensor, there is minimal loss of color information. This lets you shoot even in fairly dark places. Together with the high-performance HD Crystal Engine, the 3MOS System lets you capture clear, low-noise images even when the lights are low. Color Night Rec gives you images with color even in dim lighting (1 lux).
Panasonic HC-X900MK
29.8mm Wide-Angle Leica Dicomar Lens With 12x Variable Speed Optical Zoom and 23x Intelligent Zoom
Leica AG of Germany is the manufacturer of fine cameras and lenses favored by photographers everywhere. The Leica Dicomar lens featured on the HC-X900MK was developed specifically for HD digital video cameras. Drawing on Leica's renowned optical technology, this advanced lens captures clear, crisp, finely nuanced images with outstanding detail and contrast. The new, large-diameter F/1.5 lens features a Nano Surface Coating that boasts an extremely low reflectance ratio compared with the conventional multi coating. By forming a nano-level, microstructure film with an ultra-low refractive index onto the lens surface, the reflection of incident light is greatly reduced over the entire visual light range. These advanced lens systems suppress ghosts and flaring when shooting videos, and let you record bright images with very little noise, even in dark places. The superb rendering ability of this advanced camcorder lens makes it ideal for capturing expressive full-HD images.

A bright F1.5-F2.8 lens with a 49mm filter diameter has been created for the HC-X900 Series. Efficient light collection allows the lens to capture bright, clear images even in dim lighting or at high shutter speeds. This high-end lens brings out all the beauty of Full-HD images. The use of a highly-refractive lens also made it possible to have both 12x zoom power and a compact body. This 12x zoom can fill the screen with even a distant subject. Because it's optical, there is no quality loss -- you get HD images in all their natural beauty. And focusing is fast even when zooming, so you catch all the best shots. The 29.8mm wide-angle lens (35mm equivalent) on the X900M fits more people and more of the background into the frame than a conventional lens. This is especially handy when you want to take a group photo in a small room. The X900 Series features an Intelligent Zoom function that goes all the way up to 23x. When using Intelligent Zoom, Intelligent Resolution Technology lets you shoot at high zoom rates while preserving image sharpness. You get crisp images of highly detailed objects -- without the blurry edges.

Crystal Engine PRO II
The Crystal Engine PRO instantly processes the huge amount of data that goes into Full-HD images, and further enhances Full-HD quality. It produces smooth, high-resolution zoom shots even when the range exceeds the limit for optical zooming. Crystal Engine PRO clearly delineates even the tiniest details of your subject, with extremely natural beauty. Enhanced noise reduction (NR) technology minimizes noise when recording in low lighting conditions, while Intelligent Resolution Technology ensures sharp, bright, beautifully colored motion images. And Intelligent Resolution technology ensures sharp and crisp pictures, resulting in bright and beautifully colored motion images.

Crystal Engine Pro II performs high-speed processing of the huge number of pixels -- approximately equivalent to four times the pixel count of Full-HD -- that are obtained with Pixel Shift Technology, to achieve superb Full-HD image quality. The improved processing capability also dramatically reduces noise by 40% compared with previous models (HDC-HS900, HDC-TM900, HDC-SD900 and HDC-SD800).

Panasonic HC-X900MK with 3D Lens
Shoot True-to-Life 3D Images With Optional Accessory 3D Lens
By simply mounting the optional VW-CLT2 3D Conversion Lens, you can record FULL HD 3D images with the MVC (Multiview Video Coding) recording system of the AVCHD 3D format. Right-eye and left-eye images are both recorded and played in Full-HD quality, using the Frame Sequential Method to produce FULL HD 3D images. The 3D Conversion Lens is smaller than the one for last year's models, and its brightness has also been increased from F3.2 to F2.0*. In addition, 1.5x digital zooming** is now possible, allowing a versatile range of 3D shooting. This brings all the lifelike ambience of the actual scene right into the living room. The X900M is also equipped with a 3.5-inch wide LCD that allows 3D viewing without the need for special eyewear. Images taken in 3D can be checked on the spot.

* For the X900/X900M/X800. F2.4 for the V700/V700M.
** For the X900/X900M/X800.
2D to 3D Conversion Function
Even without mounting the conversion lens, images shot in 2D can be converted to 3D by the image processing of the new 2D to 3D Conversion function. You can connect this unit to a 3D-compatible TV, convert the scene and still pictures recorded as 2D conventional images to 3D and play back.
Hybrid O.I.S.+ (Optical Image Stabilizer) With O.I.S. Lock
The popular O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) function, which detects hand-shake while shooting and corrects the optical axis to minimize blurring, has evolved into the Hybrid O.I.S. It combines the action of its hybrid optical and electrical image stabilization systems. Hybrid O.I.S. adds to conventional optical compensation with electronic control in the vertical and horizontal directions for zooming, which often suffers from hand-shake. It effectively uses the part of the sensor that is not used in zooming to continuously record the image, enabling powerful handshake compensation without degrading the image quality. You get natural, beautiful images in almost all shooting situations.

Hybrid O.I.S.+ uses five-axis correction to thoroughly suppress blurring all the way from wide-angle shots to powerful zoom shots. It also achieves superb effects when shooting while walking. This lets you capture crisp, clear images, without blurring, in almost every shooting situation. The image-stabilizing effect is increased by pressing and holding the O.I.S. Lock indication on the LCD screen, which maximizes the blur detection sensitivity. This is great for when you want to zoom at a fixed angle, like for bird watching.

Manual Ring For Manual Focus, Zoom and Exposure Settings
The manual ring gives you easy, fingertip control over the focus, zoom and exposure settings. You'll find using the ring a much more intuitive, comfortable, user-friendly process than accessing a menu screen. With the manual ring and manual operation, the X900MK is a pleasure to use and give you the freedom to craft unusually expressive images. Just rotate the ring to zoom in and out. You have full control of the zooming speed and can zoom in or out to the precise degree you want. Just rotate the ring to focus. You can focus on the exact point you want, even if it's not in the center of the frame. You can also change the focus as you shoot, to get the kind of creative shots you sometimes see in movies.
Panasonic HC-X900MK 3.5-inch Widedcreen LCD
Large 3.5-inch Widedcreen LCD With Touch Screen Operation and Auto Power LCD
The 3.5-inch widedcreen LCD has a highly detailed 1,152,000-pixel display and a viewing angle of 170 degrees, both vertically and horizontally. Images are clear and bright even when viewed from an angle, so everyone can gather around the LCD to enjoy on-the-spot recordings. The wide viewing angle is also great for taking high- or low-angle shots. Auto Power LCD automatically adjusts the brightness of the LCD screen according to the shooting environment. In dark places, the screen brightness is reduced to 1/3 the normal level. In bright outdoor places, the screen brightness is double the normal level. The 3D-compatible LCD makes it possible to shoot 3D images while checking 3D effects without having to use any special equipment.

The Panasonic HC-X900MK High Definition (HD) camcorder features Panasonic's camcorder touch-screen that allows icons displayed on the LCD to be easily operated by touching them with a fingertip. Operation is intuitive and easy, and the large letters are easy to read. Shooting and viewing are simple and stress-free -- even for beginners. When shooting, you can use Touch Zoom to instantly zoom in and out by simply touching with a fingertip, and Touch Shutter to automatically focus when shooting still images by simply touching the subject on the screen. For playback, you can also change thumbnail pages by sliding a fingertip across the screen. You get smooth, intuitive operation and don't have to take your eyes off of the LCD screen.

White Balance Control
Select from Auto, Indoor, Outdoor and White Set according to the location, weather or type of lighting. You'll always get the best possible coloring even if the light source changes.
Shutter Speed Control
The shutter speed can be adjusted from 1/24 to 1/8,000 of a second. Use a high shutter speed when shooting sports events or fast-moving subjects, and you can get clear, sharp, incredible action shots. Shooting at a high shutter speed also makes it possible to later produce crisp, sharp still photos from the moving images you've captured.
Iris Control
Use the ring to adjust the aperture to regulate the amount of light let in. In dim lighting use a lower aperture setting (which corresponds to a larger aperture opening), and in bright lighting use a higher setting.
Advanced 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Zoom Microphone, Focus Microphone
The Panasonic X900MK HD camcorder is equipped with five electret condenser microphones. The center mic helps capture the sound source and distance accurately, so you get a more 3-dimensional effect than you get with conventional systems, which capture all sounds from the front. You get a realistic sound space that's a perfect match with the true-to-life HD images. In Zoom mode the microphones are linked to the lens action. When you zoom in on a subject, the microphones focus on the sound in that same direction. In Focus Mode the microphones focus on sounds coming from right in front of you, even when the lens is not zooming
Wind Noise Canceller
The technology of the previous Wind Cut function has evolved to form the Wind Noise Canceller. The Wind Noise Canceller function automatically detects and suppresses only wind noise, to give you natural sounds with lifelike ambience. Also, unlike the previous Wind Cut function, which switched to monaural recording, the Wind Noise Canceller enables stereo recording. This maintains natural sounds when shooting outdoors.
Up To 16 Megapixel Still Pictures
In still-image mode the X900MK camcorder can record stills with up to 14.2 megapixels (4896 x 3264) for images recorded with a 3:2 aspect ratio. When simultaneously shooting a motion image, it can record still images with up to 14.7 megapixels (5120 x 2880) for images recorded with a 16:9 aspect ratio. This high pixel count and Hybrid O.I.S. mean that images look dense and beautiful.
iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode For Both Motion And Still Images
Intelligent Auto Mode makes optimal settings automatically -- for both still and motion images. Sometimes a scene is backlit or too dark, or it's difficult to get a good focus on the subject. Adjusting the settings every time is not only a hassle, it can be very tricky. That's where iA comes in. This powerful function senses the shooting conditions and automatically makes the settings and activates functions that will deliver optimal results. With both motion and still images, iA lets you forget about bothersome settings and makes it easy to capture beautiful, well-focused images.
AF / AE Tracking
Touch the LCD screen to indicate the subject, such as a person or an animal, that you want to focus on, and let AF/ AE Tracking do the rest. The camera locks on the subject and follows it around, keeping it in sharp focus and properly exposed. It keeps tracking even if the subject turns to the side. This advanced function makes it easy to get a continually clear, beautiful shot of the subject in the scene you care most about.
Face Recognition
The Face Recognition function recognizes the faces of registered subjects, and automatically optimizes the focus and exposure for those special people. It continues to track the subject as he or she moves anywhere within the LCD frame, making it ideal for video shooting. It is extremely useful for capturing someone's face in a group. Names can also be registered and displayed on the LCD while shooting. A total of six people can be registered, and the names of up to three people at a time can be displayed in the shooting frame.
Face Detection Function AF/ AE
The X900MK features face detection function for recording moving pictures with a camcorder. It's difficult to shoot scenes with deep shadows or large differences between light and dark areas. The subject often looks too dark, and faces can be hard to see. Panasonic solves this problem with Face Detection, a function that automatically adjusts the exposure according to the ambient brightness, so faces are bright and easy to see. When the camcorder detects a face in the scene, a square frame appears around it in the LCD monitor and the exposure is adjusted to correct the brightness level. The focus also prioritizes the faces, and skin tones are smoothed. Faces in the center of the frame serve as the reference for adjustments, but the function can detect up to 15 faces in all.
Intelligent Contrast Control
By detecting the intensity of the ambient light and adjusting the exposure accordingly, Intelligent Contrast Control prevents blown highlights and blocked shadows. This helps render natural-looking, highly nuanced images with proper contrast. Even when you're shooting directly toward the light source -- a very challenging situation in photography -- Intelligent Contrast Control lets you capture clear images with enhanced depth.
Intelligent Scene Selector
The Scene Selector function analyzes the shooting situation and automatically switches the camcorder to the Scene mode that will give you optimal results. In Portrait mode, using the face as reference, the exposure is adjusted to capture faces beautifully. Focusing priority is also placed on the face, and the skin tone is smoothed. Scenery mode is ideal for shooting wide landscapes and sweeping vistas, such as at the ocean or in the mountains. It balances the exposure over the entire frame to prevent brighter parts of the image, such as the sky, from being washed out or having blown highlights. Spotlight mode is for scenes with particularly strong contrast, such as when you're shooting a spotlit area on a darkened stage. It captures the well-lit subject perfectly and prevents washed-out areas. Low Light mode works in dim lighting. It automatically switches to a slower shutter speed so that images across the entire frame are bright and easy to see.
Still Image iA Modes
The iA function is active even when the camera is in still-image mode. When the Intelligent Scene Selector detects the shooting situation, it automatically switches to one of the five Scene Modes -- Portrait, Scenery, Night Scenery, Night Portrait or Macro -- for still-image shooting, and optimizes the settings for the still image.
Digital Cinema Color Mode
Selecting the Digital Cinema Color mode makes it possible to shoot film-like images that are ideally suited to the Digital Cinema Color of Viera plasma TVs. Colors recorded in this mode look richer than those recorded using the conventional Panasonic standard.* For example, the subtle shades of red and gold in flowers, and the greens of leafy trees are remarkably true to life.

* When using a TV that is compatible with "x.v.Color", images that are recorded in Digital Cinema Color mode will have a wider color range than conventional images. The color range varies depending on the TV. x.v.Color is a registered trademark.
On-Screen Assist
Ideal for making fine brightness adjustments that are difficult to see in the LCD. A handy guide for correcting the exposure is shown right in the monitor. A "zebra pattern" is displayed in areas of the frame where the lighting is excessive and the image is over-exposed. The light level is metered at the center of the frame and displayed as a percentage. This serves as a guide when you're shooting a subject that's backlit, or when you want to keep the light level the same even though the lighting conditions change. The Histogram displays in graph form the exposure and contrast conditions over the entire frame. This lets you determine fine gradation details that are difficult to tell by just looking at the screen.
Time Lapse Recording
The time lapse function uses longer frame intervals than standard shooting. You can use this function to capture shortened or condensed footage of events that actually take place over a much longer time period. For example, time lapse recording is ideal for shooting a flower in the process of blooming, or a long, slow sunset. With time lapse recording, you have an interesting new video technique to explore. The maximum continuous recording time is 12 hours.
Smile Shot Function for Still Images
The new Smile Shot function automatically detects subject smiles, and captures the best possible smile while you're shooting movies. It lets you easily catch those fleeting, easy-to-miss stills of a smiling subject. It will also optimize the focus and exposure for your subject's smiling face. Face Recognition Linked Smile Shot detects subjects who are registered in advance and automatically snaps the shutter to catch the subject's best possible smile. It's great for capturing the smiles of certain people in a group. With AF/AE Tracking Linked Smile Shot, simply touch a subject within the LCD frame. This function will then lock on and start tracking your subject. When the subject smiles, it'll automatically snap the shutter. Face Detection Linked Smile Shot automatically snaps the shutter when people within the LCD frame smile. It gives you shots of an entire group of people smiling, making it great for group shots.
Highlight Playback
Select the days of the recordings you want to see, and this innovative function automatically selects the most exciting scenes, arranges them, and plays them, with music. It decides how exciting a scene is, based on zooming, panning, and scene changes, and whether there are faces. The X900M camcorder has advanced with the addition of playback effects that include slow motion, still image fading, and flash playback. Four new image effect modes* -- natural, pop, dynamic and classical -- have also been added. Set different effects based on the mood of your images, and enjoy memorable scenes just the way you remember them when shooting.

* Only during playback within the main unit.
Face Highlight Playback
The Face Highlight Index selects scenes that have faces in them and displays them in an index format. This handy function lets you quickly find and view scenes that have people in them. The Face Highlight Playback mode places priority on selecting the faces of subjects who are registered in the Face Recognition function, for quick playback of the scenes where they are clearly recorded, together with music.
High-Speed Burst Shooting at 60 Frames per Second
The Panasonic HC-X900MK camcorder can take up to 50 consecutive 0.9 megapixel resolution still images in one second or up to 180 consecutive shots in 3.6 seconds. You can use it to analyze a golf swing, tennis stroke or other motion. You also can use it to get good shots of subjects in fast motion. Just fire off a number of shots without stopping, then keep the best ones and delete the rest.
1-Second Quick Power-On
Switch the power on and the camcorder is in standby mode in just 1 second*, ready to shoot when you are. This fast startup also helps reduce battery consumption.

* In card recording mode only. Depending on the recording conditions, start time may be longer than 1.0 second in still image recording mode.
0.6-Second Quick Start
In Quick Start mode, which can be selected from the menu, the HC-X900MK begins recording in just 0.6 seconds from the time the LCD is opened. This lets you shoot those sudden shooting opportunities.
Pre-Rec Function
This clever function records three seconds of images even before you actually begin shooting. The images are held temporarily in the camcorder's internal memory, before recording onto the SDHC/SD Memory Card begins. This helps ensure that you won't miss the start of a moment you want to record, such as when an event begins all of a sudden. For example, if you're waiting to snap a shot of a jumping dolphin, you can press the REC button after you've made sure that the dolphin has cleared the surface of the water. The camcorder will record the entire scene, from the instant of the dolphin's jump until it disappears again into the sea.
AGS (Auto Ground-Directional Standby)
The O.I.S. linear motor system can detect when the camera is in an unusual shooting position - such as when you've inadvertently left it on in recording mode. In these cases, the camera automatically stops recording, saving both battery power and disc space.

AGS is set to OFF when shipped from the factory. To turn AGS ON, the setting must be made on the menu screen.
HA, HG, HX and HE Recording Modes
Moving Picture Recording Times (approx.):
Recording Mode: Progressive (28Mbps VBR, 1920 x 1080p) HA (17Mbps VBR, 1920 x 1080) HG (13Mbps VBR, 1920 x 1080) HX (9Mbps VBR, 1920 x 1080) HE (6Mbps VBR, 1440 x 1080)
32GB Internal Memory 2 hr. 40 mn. 4 hr. 10 mn 5 hr. 30 mn. 8 hr. 20 mn. 13 hr. 40 mn.
64GB SDHC Card 5 hr. 20 mn. 8 hr. 30 mn. 11 hr. 16 hr. 50 mn. 27 hr. 30 mn.
32GB SDHC Card 2 hr. 40 mn. 4 hr. 10 mn 5 hr. 30 mn. 8 hr. 20 mn. 13 hr. 40 mn.
16GB SDHC Card 1 hr. 20 mn. 2 hr. 2 hr. 40 mn. 4 hr. 10 mn. 6 hr. 40 mn.
8GB SDHC Card 40 mn. 1 hr. 1 hr. 20 mn. 2 hr. 3 hr. 20 mn.
4GB SDHC Card 19 mn. 30 min. 40 min. 1 hr. 1 hr. 30 mn.
HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface
Just connect your camcorder to an HDTV and you're ready for high-definition viewing. IIf your TV is HDMI* compatible, a single optional mini-HDMI cable is all you need. When using a Panasonic Viera TV, you can also operate the camcorder with the Viera remote control for even easier viewing.

* HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC.
World Timer
Handy for travelers this feature makes it easy to set the time when crossing time zones and again when returning home by switching between the two times with a press of a button. Simply select the destination from the display map, and the camcorder is automatically set for that time zone.
USB Host Function
The X900MK's USB Host function lets you connect directly to a DVD burner via a USB cable. You can then copy recordings from the SD Memory Card to a DVD disc, maintaining their original Full-HD format, by simply pressing a button.
Included DVD Burning and Editing Software
The software included with the X900MK lets you burn full-HD recordings from an SD Memory Card onto a DVD disc, using your PC. The software also makes it easy to edit your recordings using a PC. The software guides you through the simple steps. You'll find editing easy to do, even if it's your first time. You can make a copy either in the original high-definition AVCHD format, or in the standard-definition DVD-Video (MPEG2) format. Choose the one that matches your playback equipment.
Thumbnail View
The camcorder LCD screen displays a list of the recorded scenes for quick and easy searching. You can do some polished editing using just the camera itself.
Color EVF
Color Night View
Leave the light off. Color Night View gives you images with color even in dim lighting (1 lux). Light from the LCD is gentle and easy on the eyes, so you can snap shots of sleeping children without waking them up.
Mic Input and Headphone Jack
Allows the camcorder to connect to an external mic or headphones.
Auto Lens Cover
When the power is turned on, the lens cover automatically opens. When the power goes off, the lens cover closes. You don't have to keep removing and replacing a lens cap -- or worry about losing it.
Included IR Remote Control
USB 2.0 High Speed Connection
This convenient feature allows you to link the camcorder to your computer via the USB port. Then, you can easily transfer images captured to your computer for use in e-mail or printed documents. The HC-X900MK supports USB 2.0 High Speed enabling real time video transfers.

Panasonic HC-X900MK Specifications

Image Sensor
1/4.1" MOS x 3
Total Pixels: 9.15 megapixels (3.05 megapixels x 3)
Motion Image Effective Pixels: 6.57 - 6.21 megapixels (2.19 - 2.07 megapixels x 3) [16:9]
Still Image Effective Pixels:
7.11 megapixels (2.37 megapixels x 3) [3:2]
6.57 - 6.21 megapixels (2.19 - 2.07 megapixels x 3) [16:9]
6.87 megapixels (2.29 megapixels x 3) [4:3]
Leica Dicomar Lens
Lens Focal Length
2.84 - 34.1 mm
35mm Film Camera Equivalent
Motion Picture: 29.8 - 368.8 mm (16:9)
Still Picture: 29.8 - 357.7 mm (3:2), 29.8 - 368.8 mm (16:9), 31.0 - 372.0 mm (4:3)
Lens F Value
F1.5 (Wide) / F2.8 (Tele)
Lens Filter Diameter
Variable Speed Optical Zoom
Intelligent Zoom
Digital Zoom
Digital Zoom: 30x - 700x (The maximum value of zoom magnification)
Image Stabilizer
HYBRID O.I.S.+ with O.I.S. lock [Optical Image Stabilization]
Standard Illumination
1400 Lux
Minimum Illumination
1.6 Lux (1/30 Low Light, Scene Mode), 1 Lux (Color Night View)
Auto / Manual
White Balance
Auto / Sunny / Cloudy / Indoor1 / Indoor2 / White Set
Shutter Speeds
Motion Picture:
[60i / 60p] Auto Slow Shutter ON: 1/30-1/8000; Auto Slow Shutter OFF: 1/60-1/8000
[24P] Auto Slow Shutter ON: 1/24-1/8000; Auto Slow Shutter OFF: 1/48-1/8000
Still Image: 1/2-1/2000, video flash: 1/2-1/500
Auto / Manual
Backlight Compensation
3.5" Wide (approx. 1,152,000 pixels)
Still Picture Recording Format
JPEG (DCF / Exif2.2), MPO
Still Picture Recording Image Size
3:2 Still Picture: 16 megapixels (4896 x 3264), 8.6 megapixels (3600 x 2400), 6.1 megapixels (3024 x 2016)
16:9 Still Picture: 14.7 megapixels (5120 x 2880), 8.3 megapixels (3840 x 2160), 5.8 megapixels (3200 x 1800)
4:3 Still Picture: 15.1 megapixels (4480 x 3360), 8.6 megapixels (3392 x 2544), 5.8 megapixels (2784 x 2088), 0.3 megapixels (640 x 480)
3D Still Picture 16:9: 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080)
Simultaneous Recording, 16:9: 14.7 megapixels (5120 x 2880), 8.3 megapixels (3840 x 2160), 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080)
Simultaneous Recording, 3D 16:9: 2.1 megapixels (1920 x 1080)
Built-in Flash
Built-in Microphone
5.1-ch Surround Sound, Zoom Microphone, Focus Microphone
Built-in Speaker
Dynamic type
Signal System
1080 / 60p, 1080 / 60i, 540 / 30p
Moving Picture Recording Format
[AVCHD]; AVCHD format version 2.0 compliant (AVCHD 3D/Progressive)
[iFrame]; MPEG-4 AVC file format compliant (.MP4)
Video Compression
[2D] MPEG-4 AVC / H.264
[3D] MPEG-4 MVC / H.264
[iFrame]: MPEG-4 AVC/ H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC file format compliant (.MP4)
Recording / Playback Modes
1080 / 60p: 28Mbps / VBR (1920 x 1080)
HA: 17 Mbps / VBR (1920 x 1080)
HG: 13 Mbps / VBR (1920 x 1080)
HX: 9 Mbps / VBR (1920 x 1080)
HE: 5 Mbps / VBR (1920 x 1080)
iFrame (28Mbps / VBR), (960 x 540)
AVCHD 3D (28Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080)
SbS 3D (17Mbps / VBR), (1920 x 1080)
Audio Recording Format
1080 / 60p / HA / HG / HX / HE : Dolby Digital (Dolby AC3) 5.1ch
iFrame: AAC (2 ch)
MP4: AAC (2ch)
Recording Media
32GB Built-in IC Memory, SDHC/SDXC/SD Memory Card
Recording Times (with 32 GB Built-in Memory)
1080 / 60p: 2 hr. 40 mn.
HA: 4 hr. 10 mn.
HG: 5 hr. 30 mn.
HX: 8 hr. 20 mn.
HE: 13 hr. 40 mn.
iFrame (28 Mbps): 2 hr. 40 mm.
AVCHD 3D (28Mbps / VBR): 2 hr. 40 mm.
SbS 3D (17Mbps / VBR): 4 hr. 10 mm.
Accessory Shoe
Yes, Cold (shoe adapter)
  • HDMI Output (mini)
  • Audio/Video multi Output
  • USB Port 2.0 High Speed (mini AB)
  • Microphone (Stereo mini)
  • Headphones (Stereo mini)
Power Supply (Battery / AC Adaptor)
DC 7.2V / 9.3V
Power Consumption
Max. 8.9W (Recording) / Max. 10.3W (Charging)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
2.64 x 2.83 x 5.90 inches (67 x 72 x 150 mm)
Weight (Without Battery and SD card)
15.0 oz. (425g)

Panasonic HC-X900MK HD SD Memory Card Camcorder

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