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Panasonic VSK0768 AC Adaptor. See Below Or Click For Compatible Panasonic Models
Panasonic VSK0768 AC Adaptor. See Below Or Click For Compatible Panasonic Models Quantity in Basket: None
Code: VSK0768
Price: $18.95
Manufacturer: Panasonic
Man. Part #: VSK0768
Availability: In Stock
  • Spare AC adaptor For The DMC-FH10, DMC-LF1, DMC-SZ02, DMC-SZ1, DMC-SZ3, DMC-SZ7, DMC-SZ9, DMC-XS1, DMC-ZS15, DMC-ZS19K, DMC-ZS20, DMC-ZS25, DMC-ZS30 and DMC-ZS45 Lumix Cameras
  • Allows you to charge the camera's battery within the camera
  • Connect the AC adaptor and the camera using the camera's supplied USB connection cable, and plug the AC adaptor into an electrical outlet
  • Requires Panasonic K1HY08YY0025 USB connection cable (supplied with camera) for DMC-SZ02, DMC-SZ1, DMC-SZ7, DMC-ZS15, DMC-ZS19 and DMC-ZS20 Lumix

    Click For VSK0768 + K1HY08YY0025 Package

  • Requires Panasonic K1HY08YY0031 USB connection cable (supplied with camera) for DMC-FH10, DMC-SZ3, DMC-XS1, DMC-ZS25, DMC-ZS30 and DMC-ZS50 Lumix Cameras

    Click For VSK0768 + K1HY08YY0031 Package

  • Requires Panasonic K1HY08YY0034 USB connection cable (supplied with camera) for DMC-LF1 Lumix

    Click For VSK0768 + K1HY08YY0034 Package

  • Requires Panasonic K1HY08YY0032 USB connection cable (supplied with camera) for DMC-SZ9 Lumix

    Click For VSK0768 + K1HY08YY0032 Package

  • Requires Panasonic K1HY08YY0037 USB connection cable (supplied with camera) for DMC-ZS45 Lumix

    Click For VSK0768 + K1HY08YY0037 Package

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