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Canon SC-2000 Professional Soft Camcorder Carrying Case
Canon SC-2000 Professional Soft Camcorder Carrying Case Quantity in Basket: None
Code: SC2000
Price: $49.95
Manufacturer: Canon
UPC: 013803038545
Man. Part #: 9389A001
Availability: In Stock
  • Professional-quality soft carrying case
  • Features secure compartments for filters and extra battery packs
  • Carrying options include sturdy handle and comfortable shoulder strap

Compatible Canon Models:

VIXIA HF G20, HF G10, HF S21, HF S20, HF S200, HF S30, HF S11, HF S10, HF S100, HF M52, HF M50, HF M500, HF M41, HF M40, HF M400, HF M32, HF M31, HF M30, HF M300, HF20, HF200, HF11, HF10, HF100, HF R42, HF R40, HF R400, HF R32, HF R30, HF R300, HF R21, HF R20, HF R200, HF R11, HF R10, HF R100, HG21, HG20, HG10, HV40, HV30, HV20, HV10, HR10, FS40, FS400, FS31, FS300, FS22, FS21, FS200, FS11, FS10, FS100, DC420, DC410, DC330, DC320, DC310, DC230, DC220, DC210, DC100, DC50, DC40, DC22, ELURA 100, ZR960, ZR950, ZR930, ZR900, ZR850, ZR830, ZR800, ZR700, ZR600, ZR500, XA10, XL2, OPTURA 600 ,OPTURA 500, OPTURA 300, OPTURA 200 MC, OPTURA 100 MC, OPTURA 60, OPTURA 50, OPTURA 40, OPTURA 30, OPTURA 20, OPTURA 10, OPTURA Xi, OPTURA PI, OPTURA S1, DC20, DC10, ELURA 90, ELURA 85, ELURA 80, ELURA 70, ELURA 65, ELURA 60, ELURA 50, ELURA 40MC, ELURA 20MC, ELURA 10, ELURA 2 MC, ZR400, ZR300, ZR200, ZR100, ZR-90, ZR-85, ZR-80, ZR70MC, ZR65MC, ZR60, ZR50, ZR45, ZR40, ZR30, ZR25, ZR20 and ZR10 Camcorders

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