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Panasonic RP-SDUA08GUK 8GB UHS Speed Class 1 SDHC Memory Card
Panasonic RP-SDUA08GUK 8GB UHS Speed Class 1 SDHC Memory Card Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $29.95
Manufacturer: Panasonic
UPC: 885170088788
Man. Part #: RP-SDUA08GUK
No Longer Available
  • Holds 8 GB (usable capacity will be less)
  • Panasonic Gold Series SDHC Card supports UHS Speed Class 1 read/write speed when using a UHS-I bus interface: up to 25MB/sec. (166x) write speed, up to 90MB/sec. (600x) read speed
  • When using a conventional High speed bus interface, performance will be in High Speed mode - SD Speed Class 10: up to 23MB/sec. read and write speed
  • Stores audio, video, picture and voice files
  • Write protect switch prevents accidental erasures
  • Includes Panasonic's SmartGuard to provide longer life and greater reliability; keep your important date safe under a wide range of usage conditions and potential accident situations:
    • Refresh function keeps data safer for repeated read-write operations and long-term storage. The number of errors with flash memory increases with repeated reading and writing, eventually data could become corrupted. Panasonic Gold cards have an automatic refresh function, which extends card life by automatically refreshing data before errors increase too much to be corrected.
    • When power is interrupted, data can be lost. Panasonic SD cards are equipped with an automatic data retrieve function to preserve your important data.
    • Smart data writing technology equalizes rewrite frequency on each writing block in order to reduce defect risks. Panasonic SD cards minimize defect risks and provide high reliability.
  • Proof5 Quintuple Resistance makes Panasonic SD cards perfect for mobile use, protects the card and its data*:
    • Water resistant: (based on IECG0529 IPX7) card and data are protected from water; card works after being soaked in plain water at a depth of 3.3 feet (1 meter) for 30 minutes
    • Shock resistant: highly resistant to bending and twisting, card works as usual after being run over by a 1.5-ton car
    • Magnet resistant: SD card is less vulnerable to magnets, works as usual after being placed under a DC magnetic field (0.1T (=1,000 gauss)) for five seconds
    • X-ray resistant: (based on ISO 7816-1) SD card and data are protected from X-rays at baggage inspections (0.1 Gy of medium-energy radiation)
    • Temperature resistant: wide temperature range of -13°F - 185°F (-25°C - 85°C)**

* Proof5 is based upon Panasonic test results and does not guarantee against data loss
** Never leave any electronic product sitting in extreme heat or direct sunlight

Note: SDHC Memory Cards can only be used in devices that support the SDHC format. They cannot be used in any non-SDHC devices and are not backwards compatible. They cannot be used with products that are solely compliant with SD memory cards.

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