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Azden 1201ABS Broadcast Pro UHF Wireless System With Body-Pack Transmitter and Sony ECM-44H Mic
Azden 1201ABS Broadcast Pro UHF Wireless System With Body-Pack Transmitter and Sony ECM-44H Mic Quantity in Basket: None
Code: AZ1201ABS
Price: $1,228.95
Manufacturer: Azden
UPC: 095528120125
Man. Part #: 1201ABS
Free Shipping: Free Ground Shipping
Availability: In Stock

Replacing the Azden 1200ABS system, the Azden 1201ABS is a complete system which includes the 1201BT body-pack transmitter, the Sony ECM-44H electret condenser lavalier microphone and the 1201URX/AB receiver. The 1201URX/AB receiver and 1201BT transmitter feature 188 digital frequencies from which to choose, so you'll always find a clear channel. This broadcast professional wireless camera-mount mic system uses UHF frequencies (638.125 to 661.875 MHz) to avoid interference from HDTV broadcast transmission.

Replacing the 1200URX/AB, the Azden 1201URX/AB Broadcast Professional UHF Wireless Receiver offers a new noise reduction circuit with improved S/N ration and dynamic range. The 1201URX/AB Receiver integrates the Anton Bauer® Gold Mount® to power the receiver and mount it on the camera. The Azden 1201URX/AB receiver features true diversity electronics in conjunction with removable twin high-gain antennas and Azden's proprietary DLC (Diverstiy Logic Control) circuity for superior, noise-free reception. State-of-the-art dielectric filters improve image rejection and 5th order filters offer an improved S/N ratio. The 1201URX/AB Enhanced Performance UHF Wireless Receiver's enhanced performance assures you of the highest image rejection combined with the finest in audio clarity. The crystal-controlled, PLL-synthesized mixer/local oscillator provides for extremely accurate frequency selection while the twin-antenna true diversity dual front-end reduces multipath distortion caused dropouts to near zero.

Replacing the Azden 1200BT transmitter, the Azden 1201BT body-pack transmitter features reduced current-drain for improved battery life. Thanks to newly-designed circuitry, the 1201BT operates for 6-8 hours using two AA Alkaline batteries. The 1201BT is a frequency-agile transmitter with 188 on-board user selectable UHF frequencies, so you'll always find a clear channel. The 1201BT will work flawlessly with the Azden 1201URX Broadcast Professional Camera-Mount UHF Wireless Receiver in all its configurations. Features include a new compander circuit for more natural sound, separate Power and Audio switches, a microphone input level control and a multi-function LCD display.

Using a secure, high-quality 4-pin Hirose microphone connector, the 1201BT offers a variety of lavalier, neckworn and headset microphone options. The 1201ABS system comes with the Sony ECM-44H lapel microphone, which plugs securely into the transmitter. One of the most popular all-purpose lavalier mics on the market, the Sony ECM-44H is an industry standard for professional video. It is an omni-directional microphone that produces clean, warm voice tones and somewhat suppresses excess background and wind noise.

  • 188 DTV-Compatible User-Selectable UHF Frequencies Covering Four UHF TV Bands
  • 1201URX/AB Receiver: Integrated Anton-Bauer® Gold Mount®
  • 1201URX/AB Receiver: True Diversity System With Two Complete Front Ends and High-Gain Antennas
  • 1201URX/AB Receiver: Proprietary DLC (Diversity Logic Control) Circuitry For Reduced Dropouts
  • 1201URX/AB Receiver: State-Of-The-Art Dielectric Filters Throughout, For Improved Image Rejection And Superior Diversity Isolation
  • 1201URX/AB Receiver: High 5th Order Filters For Improved S/N Ratio
  • 1201URX/AB Receiver: Multi-Function LCD Shows Channel Number And Frequency, Battery Info, AF Level And Diversity Operation
  • 1201BT Transmitter: Compact and Unobtrusive Transmitter Unit
  • 1201BT Transmitter: Input Level Control
  • 1201BT Transmitter: Power and Audio Switches
  • 1201BT Transmitter: Multi-Function LCD
  • 1201BT Transmitter: Locking 4-Pin Hirose Connector
  • 1201BT Transmitter: New Compander Circuit For More Natural Sound
  • Included Sony ECM-44H High-Quality Lavalier Microphone

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